A specially designed practice for the mature body or those recovering from illness or injury.  Can be enjoyed seated in a chair or in other supported ways.  Ease stiffness in the joints, increase muscle strength, build bone mass and enjoy relaxation.  Gentle Yoga Schedule

Gentle Yoga

A Hatha style yoga class where flowing postures married with breathwork offer a great stretch and deep relaxation.  Open to all levels with many modifications offered.  There are a lot of explanations of postures and practices.  Yoga l Schedule

Yoga Level l

A specially designed practice for those with chronic pain.  This class contains an educational component regarding the current science on pain management.  Restorative Yoga can be a revolutionary part of a pain management plan.  Yoga for Chronic Pain Schedule

A Hatha style yoga class paced a little quicker than level 1 with longer holds in postures or more challenging transitions.  Suitable for students who are comfortable with Downward Facing Dog. Recommended experience would be approximately six months.  Yoga ll Schedule

Yoga Level ll
Core Building Yoga

A special class for spinal strengthening and alignment issues.  This all level class welcomes those who have back, hip or shoulder pain. Also for anyone who as been advised that core strengthening would be helpful for them.  It is a challenging and very carefully paced, well explained and accessible class with many modifications offered.  A stronger and more confident core powers everything in life! Core Schedule

Yoga for Chronic Pain
Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga
Om Shanti Yoga

Is a complete yoga experience that includes flowing postures, mantra and mudra all elegantly woven together to explore a new theme each week.  Take your practice to a new level by incorporating the heart and mind with your body.  Suitable for all levels but recommended for those with minimal physical limitations. Om Shanti Schedule

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