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At the Yoga Centre of Niagara, we offer many different styles of yoga classes.  Some of the classes are only offered in the evening for six week sessions.  Consult our schedule 

Morning Hatha Yoga

Stretch your body and awaken your energy with this morning Hatha yoga flow.  A Hatha style yoga class where flowing postures married with breathwork offer a great stretch, build strength and deep relaxation. Open to all levels with many modifications offered.  A great way to start your day!

Gentle Yoga

A specially designed practice for the mature body or those recovering from illness or injury.  Can be enjoyed seated in a chair or in other supported ways.  Ease stiffness in the joints, increase muscle strength, build bone mass and enjoy relaxation.

Evening or Weekend Flow and Restorative Yoga

This class offers a perfect blend of movement and supported relaxation. It begins with approx. 45 minutes of carefully paced, guided flow between various postures, timed with your breath. Then you are treated to approx. 30 minutes of blissful restorative postures where you can deeply relax and recharge. Suitable for all levels, but recommended for those with minimal physical restrictions.

Raising Your Vibration to Clear and Heal Your Chakras

Although things happen in life and nature takes its course, we have a choice about how we feel and how we handle things.  Energy is vibration.  Your vibration/energy can be high or low.  Positive or negative.  Your chakras are your energy wheels.  When they are blocked our well being suffers.  Physically, emotionally and mentally.  Our vibration is affected.  Would you like to feel better? Emotionally, mentally and physically?  Each week work on a different chakra with the help of asanas, breath and chakra specific music.

This class is appropriate for all levels.  Modifications are available.


Embodied Hatha Yoga

Each week, this class will focus on a specific area of the body.  The expertly crafted flow will take you through various stages of a hatha flow breaking down each posture in stages to ensure your body will understand the movement.  This class is beginner friendly.


Core Building Yoga

A special class for spinal strengthening and alignment issues. This all level class welcomes those who have back, hip or shoulder pain. Also for anyone who as been advised that core strengthening would be helpful for them. It is a challenging and very carefully paced, well explained and accessible class with many modifications offered. A stronger and more confident core powers everything in life!


Meditative Flow Yoga (Om Shanti Beyond Peace Yoga)

This is a complete yoga experience that includes flowing postures, mantra and mudra all elegantly woven together to explore a new theme each week. Take your practice to a new level by incorporating the heart and mind with your body. Suitable for all levels but recommended for those with minimal physical limitations.


Restorative Yoga For Vibrant Living

The purpose of Restorative Yoga is to help the body relax.  Restorative Yoga is beneficial for stress management.  Postures are supported by props and relaxing.   Restorative Yoga can be a revolutionary part of a stress and anxiety reducing relaxation plan.


Yang and Yin Yoga

This six-week series of 90 minute classes involves 2 aspects of Asana in Yoga.  A fast paced Vinyasa style first half of the class (Yang) and slowing down to a YIN Yoga style practice int e second half.

In the first half of the class, each movement is synchronized to a breath in an active series of flowing movements and poses.  The breath is given primacy,acting as an anchor as you move from one pose to the next.  In the second half, YIN Yoga, known as the quiet practice, targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis and lower spine.  YIN postures are held for three to five minutes which gives the body an opportunity to open and release tension from the deeper tissues.  Definitely a class for those looking to increase their fitness in life, for sport performance and advance their yoga practice.  Towel for sweat and water bottle is recommended.


Yoga For Better Sleep

Have you experienced trouble sleeping?  Or maybe you wake up and you don't feel rested?  Yoga for Better Sleep is designed to take the participants through various yoga practices to help people have a better quality of sleep. Explore different practices over the five weeks and find what works best for you!  No yoga experience necessary!


Structural Yoga Therapy and Yoga Tune Up ®

This all levels class is a yoga practice with conscious, corrective exercise. It includes self massage and relaxation and a focus on self care, strength and flexibility.


Yoga And Meditation

Get ready for the weekend!  Transition from the work week to the weekend with yoga and meditation.  Begin with a gentle hatha flow designed to let go of the energy you have gathered during your work week.  End with a restful meditation practice.  Feel rejuvenated for your weekend!


Hatha Yoga For Everyone

A Hatha style yoga class where flowing postures married with breath work offer a great stretch, build strength and deep relaxation. Open to all levels with many modifications offered.  A true class for every body.


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