Yang To Yin Yoga: New Six Week Series Starting April 19th.

By now many are familiar with the benefits of a traditional Hatha Yoga practice.  Greater energy levels, lower stress, less pain, these are all noble and admirable pursuits and it’s the reason why millions and possibly billions of folks are drawn to the practice of Yoga.  Yoga is certainly and path to overall health but many also have other pursuits just as important to them.  The pursuit of sports performance.

Many are discovering Yoga as a way to increase their performance using Yoga to enhance their abilities in their chosen sport. Golfers, Hockey players, Basketball players even Football players like Tom Brady credit Yoga with increasing their performance as they age:

From an article on Tom Brady’s health regime:

Does this look like a face of a Man who would lie to you about Yoga?

Tom Brady’s health regimen would not be complete without a healthy dose of ancient Eastern wisdom. He is a hardcore lover of yoga, which he gives credit for miraculous mental and physical benefits. “It’s great for flexibility, it’s therapeutic, and great for your attitude,” he tells TheSportster.com.

So why don’t more athletes think “outside the box” and use Yoga to offset their training for Sport?  Yoga quite frankly hasn’t been marketed effectively to this group: chanting, yoga tights, etc, although a part of yoga might not speak to a person who is interested in one thing,  winning. These athletes are interested in finding an edge on the competition not … (gasp) YOGA?…but that’s changing.

The list of athletes who have embraced yoga is impressive to say the least: Lebron James, New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, Kevin Love and many more. It’s hard to argue with the success of athletes like Tom Brady, who is playing as well into his forties as he ever has.  It just makes sense that Yoga has to help the weekend golfer as well as the high level athlete.

With that goal in mind,  I’ll be instructing a series of classes at the Yoga Centre of Niagara starting April 19th at 5:30pm.  These 90 minute classes will consist of

These guys are not messing around.

45 minutes of Vinyasa style Yoga at the beginning, designed to heat the body and challenge your fitness levels,  increasing your balance, stability and strength.  Vinyasa Yoga moves rapidly and coordinates with your breath. It’s a challenging workout for anyone who is willing to go to their edge and try it.

The second half of the class will consist of a Yin Yoga practice.  Yin Yoga uses Asanas (postures) held for a period of up to 5 minutes to increase circulation, improve flexibility,  and very importantly releases fascia and improve joint mobility. Many athletes plateau in their strength or performance due to limited range of motion.  Having a regular Yin Yoga practice will allow the athlete to break through plateaus by increasing their range of motion by gentle stretching for long period of time.

So take some time to challenge your self to the six week series of Yang to Yin classes and break through those physical limitations and challenge yourself to increased performance in your chosen sport or just for the Sport of Life.

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